230.  EBB to Edward Moulton-Barrett (father)

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 1, 243–244.


My beloved Papa’s birthday.

May 28th 1826. [1] Hope End


A Joy was pulsing at my heart,

As I looked o’er the sea,—

For dearest eyes were gazing there,

And they were close to me!


Nathlesse gone Time did visit me,

And Memory bared his face—

To tell me of the absent love,

And of the absent place!


So thought I, in my secret thought,

Of those I see today—

Of those who, at the fair hill’s side,

Were dearest … & away!!


So thought I of familiar brows,

Which smiles so often find!

Yea! of the voices which breathe out

The tender words & kind!


And thus, while Joy pulsed at my heart,

Sorrow that Joy did woo!

Belovëd ones were near to me

But I [2] not near to you!


Lo! now, the voices, that I wished,

Give me their gentle sound–

The dear home faces turn on mine,

And mine looks fondly round—!


This say I, while beside me clings

Full many, a bright-haired boy—

—Love, when we part, is only love

But, when we meet, tis Joy!!–


Then let no thought come <to> me

Unfitted <to> beguile

And let no word rise to the lips,

Unspoken with a smile.


We meet to bless this blessing day,

Whereon such mirth must be;

We meet in Joy where Erst we met;

We meet in love to thee!

Dearest Papa’s attached child


Publication: Marks, p. 349 (in part).

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. His 41st.

2. Underscored twice.


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