32.  EBB to Elizabeth Moulton

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 1, 24.

Hope End

July 17th 1816

I dedicate this little volume [1] to her whose smile ever cheers my endeavours to please, to her who shines an ornament to her sex, and all around her– To her, my dearest Grandmama, [2] these pages are inscribed, with the greatest gratitude and esteem by her

affectionate child

Elizabeth B Barrett

Publication: None traced.

Manuscript: Armstrong Browning Library.

1. Unpublished manuscript entitled “Julia or Virtue / a novel” (also at ABL).

2. Elizabeth Moulton is deduced to be the recipient because the following letter (no. 33) by EBB went to her other (maternal) grandmother. If both letters were to the same person, the manuscript mentioned here probably would have been mentioned in both.


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