[London—Thursday, 7 July 1859]

Thursday July 7th Writing letters in the morning. P.J. Bailey came to lunch. He needs the money and would like to come to America but is too modest. Glorious forehead and head that man has, finer than art could show. He is full of learning and what is far better full of wisdom. He is a student by nature and confessed to his hatred of crowds. He told us he passed two charming evenings with Hawthorne and all the time Hawthorne did not find out who he was. Went to see Mrs [&] Dr Laurie had a charming little visit then went to see Church’s glorious “Heart of the Andes.” We had but a few short minutes there it was enough to indelibly impress the picture although all too short to know it. Frith’s Derby Day I could not bear after it. Mac’Clure kindly gave us a note to Faed. We drove at once to his pretty home which is his studio as well. We had a good chat together and his beautiful eyes beamed with good-nature combined with keen perception. He is about to paint Priscilla in Miles Standish. Leaving Faed we visited the Zoological Gardens where we spent 2 or three hours of quiet wonder at all men and money can achieve. Evening passed at home Jamie being very tired.

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