[Boston—Sunday, 4 April 1869]

April 4th It really seems strange to be by ourselves. No company and living quietly for a few days. Having no family of our own it is natural and proper for us to live much in the interests of others. Heaven keep us from the narrowness of living for ourselves. It is a bright clear cold Sunday morning and all the good people are at church but Mr. Emerson speaks this afternoon and we go to hear him.

Quelquefois je m’amuse en pensant ce que dire [sic, for disent] les autres à cause de certains sujets. Vraiment des conversations imaginaires, seulement ils ne sont jamais l’écrites. Ce me semble qui j’ai entendu dire Madame Newinger—“Ah je connais une dame qui a l’air toujours de voiler son bonheur.”

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