[Milwaukee—Sunday, 10 October 1875]

Sunday. Milwaukee. Cold but clearing weather after much rain—a beautiful city. “J”’s lecture was a grand success in the Academy of Music. This was the first Sunday afternoon lecture ever given in this city.

We took tea with Mr. & Mrs Metcalf who invited the Unitarian clergyman & his wife Mr. & Mrs Gordon to meet us. The house was a very beautiful one built 20 years ago, like a villa, though in the heart of the town, surrounded by beautiful shrubs & grass in perfect order. Oddly enough we found Mrs Metcalf was sister to our Mrs Hemenway.

We went to church again in the evening making three times for one day! This city contains 30,000 Americans to 70,000 Germans! It is most fortunate in its natural advantages and I should say would be sure to double its size shortly. The lovely lake-side, the river reminding one of foreign cities from the way in which the buildings dip down into it, the freshness of atmosphere, the quiet, law-abiding appearance of the people all make it appear a more attractive residence than any town we have seen westward.

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