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  • Cook, John Aubone (1811–59), EBB’s cousin.
  • Cook, Mary Altham (afterwards Altham, 1852–1950), EBB’s niece.
  • Cook, Mary Susannah Altham (1809–83), EBB’s cousin.
  • Cook, Susannah (afterwards Stone, 1822–61), EBB’s cousin.
  • Cook, William Surtees (afterwards Altham, 1813–87), EBB’s cousin. In AB-5, AB-6. See biographical sketch.
  • Cooper, Anthony Ashley (1801–85), 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, styled Lord Ashley (1811–51), politician, philanthropist, and social reformer. In AB-5.
  • Corkran, Alice Abigail (1843–1916), writer.
  • Corkran, Henriette Louisa Augusta (1841–1911), artist.
  • Corkran, John Frazer (1807–84), Paris newspaper correspondent.
  • Corkran, Louisa (née Walshe, 1824–92), translator. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Corkran, Mary Harley Nannie (afterwards Head, 1848–1911), friend of the Brownings. In AB-7.
  • Corkran, Sutton Frazer (1844–1915), son of John Frazer Corkran.
  • Corkran, William (1846–98), son of John Frazer Corkran.
  • Cormenin, Louis-Marie de LaHaye, Vicomte de (1788–1868), French politician, jurist, and author of pamphlets in support of liberal reforms.
  • Cornwall, Barry, see Procter, Bryan Waller.
  • Correggio, Antonio Allegri da (ca. 1489–1534), Italian Renaissance painter.
  • Corsini, Neri, Marquis de Laiatico (1805–59), of the ancient Florentine family of Corsini.
  • Cotes, Henry (bapt. 1759, d. 1835), vicar of Bedlington, co. Durham and author.
  • Cottrell, Alice Augusta Enrica (1848–49), eldest child of Sophia Augusta and Henry Cottrell.
  • Cottrell, Henry (1811–71), Count, Chamberlain to the Grand Duke of Lucca. See biographical sketch. In AB-1, AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Cottrell, Henry Edward Plantagenet (1851–1938), playmate of Pen Browning.
  • Cottrell, Sophia (née Tulk, 1823–1909), Countess Cottrell, correspondent. Married (1847) Henry, Count Cottrell. In AB-4. See biographical sketch.
  • Countess Lovelace see King, Augusta Ada (née Byron).
  • Courtenay, Louisa Bithia (1812–1904), dau. of Philip Courtenay. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Cousin, Victor (1792–1867), French philosopher.

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