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  • Flaxman, John (1755–1826), sculptor, decorative designer, and illustrator.
  • Fletcher, John (1579–1625), playwright.
  • Flood, Frances (née Hanford, 1823–75), sister of Compton John Hanford.
  • Flower, Eliza (1803–46), radical and composer. In AB-2. See biographical sketch.
  • Fonblanque, Albany William (1793–1872), political journalist and journal editor.
  • Fordwich, Lord, see Cowper, Francis Thomas de Grey.
  • Forgues, Paul Émile Daurand (1813–83), French translator and journalist. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • Forster, Eliza Ann (née Crosbie, formerly Colburn, 1815–94), wife of John Forster.
  • Forster, John (1812–76), writer and literary adviser. In AB-2, AB-3, AB-4, AB-5. See biographical sketch.
  • Foster, John (bapt. 1731, d. 1774), classical scholar and schoolmaster.
  • Fourier, Charles (1772–1837), French social reformer.
  • Fox, Ann Leah (afterwards Fish, 1813–90), American medium.
  • Fox, Eliza Florance (“Tottie”), (afterwards Bridell, later Bridell-Fox, 1823–1903), painter and advocate for women’s rights. In AB-4, AB-5. She married G.E. Fox on 8 August 1871.
  • Fox, William Johnson (1786–1864), preacher and politician. In AB-2, AB-3, AB-4, AB-5. See biographical sketch.
  • Francis II (1836–94), King of Naples.
  • Francis, Charles Stephen (1805–87), New York publisher.
  • Frascheri, Annette Emma, (née Bracken, 1834–98), Isa Blagden’s cousin.
  • Frith, William Powell (1819–1909), painter. In AB-6.
  • Froude, James Anthony (1818–94), historian and man of letters. In AB–5, AB–6.
  • Fuller, Margaret (afterwards Ossoli, 1810–50), American journalist and critic. In AB-1.
  • Fuseli, Henry ( Johann Heinrich Füssli, 1741–1825), Swiss born painter and writer.

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