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  • Goethe, Ottilie von (1796–1872), correspondent of Anna Jameson.
  • Goethe, Wolfgang Maximilian von (1820–83), German jurist and writer.
  • Goldsmith, Oliver (1728?–74), Irish author.
  • Goodrich, Alice Lee (1837–1903), dau. of Samuel Griswold Goodrich.
  • Goodrich, Samuel Griswold (1793–1860), (pseud. “Peter Parley”), American author and U.S. Consul at Paris.
  • Gordigiani, Michele (1830–1909), Florentine artist. In AB-4.
  • Gordin, Mme., French tutor of Moulton-Barrett children at Ramsgate in 1817.
  • Gordon, Annie Picciola (b. 1837), dau. of John Gordon and his wife, Caroline.
  • Gordon, Caroline Augusta (née Tulk, 1815–81), wife of John Gordon.
  • Gordon, Caroline Louisa (1836–1921), dau. of John Gordon and his wife, Caroline.
  • Gordon, Eleanor Augusta (b. 1847), dau. of John Gordon and his wife, Caroline.
  • Gordon, George Hamilton- (1784–1860), 4th Earl of Aberdeen, prime minister and scholar.
  • Gordon, John (1810–49), barrister.
  • Gordon, John Hart (1842–1918), son of John Gordon and his wife, Caroline.
  • Gordon, Sophia Susanna (1840–1926), dau. of John Gordon and his wife Caroline.
  • Gore, Catherine Grace Frances (née Moody, 1798–1861), novelist and playwright.
  • Gosset, Arabella Sarah (née Butler, 1815–1900), EBB’s cousin. In AB-4.
  • Gosset, Ralph Allen (1809–85), Sergeant-at-Arms, House of Commons, married Arabella Sarah Butler. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Gosset, William (1782–1848), Sergeant-at-Arms, House of Commons.
  • Gower, John (d. 1408), poet.
  • Goyon, Charles Marie Auguste de (1803–70), general, commander of the French garrison in Rome (1856–1862).
  • Graham-Clarke, see Clarke, Graham-.
  • Gramont, Antoine Alfred Agénor de (1819–80), 10th Duc de Gramont, French diplomat and statesman. In AB-4.
  • Gray, Harriet, lady’s maid to EBB (September 1855–June 1856).
  • Gray, John A. C. (1815–98), New York City merchant.

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