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  • Gramont, Antoine Alfred Agénor de (1819–80), 10th Duc de Gramont, French diplomat and statesman. In AB-4.
  • Gray, Harriet, lady’s maid to EBB (September 1855–June 1856).
  • Gray, John A. C. (1815–98), New York City merchant.
  • Gray, Thomas (1716–71), poet and literary scholar.
  • Greene, Henry (1808–76), British Chaplain at Pisa and Bagni di Lucca.
  • Greenhow, Thomas Michael (1791–1881), surgeon.
  • Greenough, Charlotte Gore (1850–?1919), youngest child of Horatio and Louisa Greenough.
  • Greenough, Henry (afterwards Horatio) Saltonstall (1845–1916), son of Horatio Greenough.
  • Greenough, Horatio (1805–52), American sculptor.
  • Greenough, Louisa Ingersoll (née Gore, 1813–91), wife of Horatio Greenough, American sculptor.
  • Greenough, Richard Saltonstall (1819–1904), American sculptor.
  • Greenwell, Dora (1821–82), poet and essayist.
  • Greenwood, Grace, see Clarke, Sara Jane.
  • Greg, William Rathbone (1809–81), industrialist and writer.
  • Grey, Charles (1764–1845), 2nd Earl Grey, prime minister.
  • Grey, George (1812–98), colonial governor and premier of New Zealand.
  • Griffith, Charlotte (née Leay, 1762?–1837), proprietor of Barton Court, near Hope End.
  • Griswold, Rufus Wilmot (1815–57), American anthologist, editor, poet, and critic.
  • Grote, George (1794–1871), banker and classical historian.
  • Gryzanowski, Ernst Georg Friedrich (1824–88), Prussian physician who practiced in Florence, Pisa, and Leghorn. In AB-4.
  • Guerrazzi, Francesco Domenico (1804–73), Italian writer and politician.
  • Guizot, François Pierre Guillaume (1787–1874), French historian, orator, and statesman.
  • Gurney, Archer Thompson (1820–87), Anglican clergyman and hymn-writer. In AB-2, AB-4, AB-6.

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