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  • Hemans, Charles Isidore (1817–76), antiquary. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • Hemans, Felicia Dorothea (née Browne, 1793–1835), poet.
  • Henri cinq, see Chambord, Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dievdonné, comte de.
  • Heraud, John Abraham (1799–1887), writer.
  • Herbert, Anne (née Jeffreys, 1785–1860), Lady Herbert, wife of Sir Charles Lyon Herbert.
  • Herbert, Charles Lyon (1784–1855), physician, residing in Florence.
  • Hermann, Johann Gottfried Jacob (1772–1848), of Leipzig, classical scholar and authority on metre.
  • Hervey, Thomas Kibble (1799–1859), poet and journalist.
  • Heseltine, Emma (afterwards Butler, 1804–50), EBB’s cousin.
  • Heseltine, Frances Catherine (1802–1857), EBB’s cousin.
  • Heywood, Thomas (1797–1866), antiquary, owner of Hope End (1832–66).
  • Higginson, Thomas Wentworth (1823–1911), American Unitarian minister, author, abolitionist, and soldier.
  • Hillard, George Stillman (1808–79), American lawyer and author. In AB-5.
  • Holdich, Lydia Austin (née Kollock, formerly McDowell, 1800–79), American writer of children’s stories.
  • Home, Daniel Dunglas (1833–86), medium.
  • Homer (ca. 800–701 B.C.), Greek epic poet.
  • Hood, Lady, see Mackenzie, Mary Elizabeth Frederica Stewart-.
  • Hood, Thomas (1799–1845), poet and humorist.
  • Hook, Theodore Edward (1788–1841), writer and hoaxer.
  • Hooper, Anne (née Sturgis, 1813–84), American correspondent. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, 65–8 B.C.), ancient Roman lyric poet.
  • Horne, Catherine Clare St. George (née Foggo, 1826–93), wife of R.H. Horne.
  • Horne, Richard Hengist (1802?–84), writer. In AB-1, AB-2, AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6. See biographical sketch.
  • Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue (1830–1908), American sculptor. In AB-3, AB-4. See biographical sketch.
  • Houghton, Lady, see Milnes, Annabella Hungerford.

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