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  • Leppard, Jane Street (née Hayman, d. 1880, aged 56), widow of James Silverthorne, RB’s cousin. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Lever, Charles (1837–63), son of Charles James Lever.
  • Lever, Charles James (1806–72), novelist.
  • Lewes, George Henry (1817–78), writer. In AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Ley, Louisa Susanna (née Tulk, 1819–48), dau. of Charles Augustus Tulk.
  • Lindesay, Harriot Hester (née Williams-Wynn, 1812–78), wife of John Lindesay (1809–48).
  • Lindsay, Clara Sophia (née Bayford, 1811–93), EBB’s cousin. In AB-1.
  • Lippincott, Leander K. (1829–96), American publisher.
  • Lippincott, Sara Jane (née Clarke, 1823–1904), (pseud. “Grace Greenwood”), American poet and journalist.
  • Locker, Frederick (afterwards Locker-Lampson, 1821–95), bibliophile and poet. In AB-5, AB-6.
  • Locker, Lady Charlotte Christian (née Bruce, 1817–72), dau. of 7th Earl of Elgin, wife of Frederick Locker. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Lockhart, John Gibson (1794–1854), writer and literary editor. In AB-3.
  • Lombe, Edward ( Beevor, d. 1852, aged 53), landowner and philanthropist.
  • Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807–82), American poet and educator.
  • Longfellow, Samuel (1819–92), American Unitarian minister and poet. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • Longinus, Dionysius Cassius (ca. 213–273), Greek rhetorician and philosopher.
  • Lotti, Giovanni (1812-76), Italian lawyer and writer. In AB-4.
  • Lough, John Graham (1798–1876), sculptor. In AB-2.
  • Louis Philippe (1773–1850), King of France.
  • Lovejoy, George (1808–83), Reading bookseller.
  • Lover, Samuel (1797–1868), miniature painter and author.
  • Lowell, James Russell (1819–91), American poet, critic, editor, and diplomat. In AB-1, AB-3, AB-4, AB-6. See biographical sketch.
  • Lowell, Maria (née White, 1821–53), wife of James Russell Lowell.
  • Lucan (Marcus Annœus Lucanus, 39–65), Roman poet.
  • Lucas, John (1807–74), portrait painter.

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