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  • McSwiney, Daniel (1790–1834), classical scholar, EBB’s Greek and Latin tutor. See biographical sketch.
  • Medici, Lorenzo de’ (Lorenzo the Magnificent, 1449–92), Italian statesman.
  • Melbourne, Lord, see Lamb, William.
  • Melena, Elpis, see Schwartz, Marie Esperance von.
  • Melvill, Henry (1798–1871), Church of England clergyman.
  • Mérimée, Prosper (1803–70), French author and archaeologist.
  • Merivale, John Herman (1779–1844), lawyer and literary scholar.
  • Merry, William (1792–1873), correspondent. See biographical sketch.
  • Metternich, Prince Clemons von (1773–1859), chancellor of Austria.
  • Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475–1564), Italian sculptor, painter, and architect.
  • Michelet, Jules (1798–1874), French historian.
  • Mignaty, George (1824-95), Greek artist, living in Florence. In AB-4.
  • Mignet, François Auguste Alexis (1796–1884), French historian.
  • Mill, John Stuart (1806–73), philosopher, economist, and advocate of women’s rights. In AB-2.
  • Millais, Euphemia (“Effie”) Chalmers (née Gray, formerly Ruskin, 1827–97), wife of John Everett Millais. In AB–7.
  • Millais, John Everett, 1st Baronet (1829–96), painter. In AB-4, Ab-5, AB-6, AB-7.
  • Miller, James (d. 1883, aged 61), New York publisher and bookseller.
  • Milman, Henry Hart (1791–1868), historian and Dean of St. Paul’s (1849–68). In AB-4, AB-5.
  • Milnes, Annabella Hungerford (née Crewe, 1814–74), married Richard Monckton Milnes. In AB-4.
  • Milnes, Richard Monckton (1809–85), 1st Baron Houghton, writer and politician. In AB-2, AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Milsand, Claire Hélène (née Gillotte, 1781–1864), mother of Joseph Milsand.
  • Milsand, Joseph Antoine (1817–86), French critic, philosopher, protestant theologian, and close friend of the Brownings. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6. See biographical sketch.
  • Milton, John (1608–74), poet and polemicist.
  • Minto, Mary Eliza (afterwards Ruxton, 1821–97), correspondent. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-6. See biographical sketch.
  • Mitford, Mary Russell (1787–1855), playwright and writer. In AB-3. See biographical sketch.

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