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  • Perkins, Stephen Higginson (1804–77), Boston merchant.
  • Peruzzi, Simone Luigi (1792–1870), Florentine author and diplomat. In AB-4.
  • Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca, 1304–74), Italian scholar and poet.
  • Peyton, Charlotte Lea (1813–42), eldest of the Peyton children of Barton Court.
  • Peyton, Eliza (née Griffith, 1788–1861), Hope End neighbour.
  • Peyton, Eliza Berry (afterwards Selwyn, 1827–1907), Hope End neighbour. In AB-7.
  • Peyton, Elizabeth Rosetta (1824–74), Hope End neighbour. In AB-5.
  • Peyton, Reynolds (1815–61), eldest son of Nicholson and Eliza Peyton of Barton Court.
  • Philipson, Abramo (1805–60), the Brownings’ Florentine banker and financial agent.
  • Phillpotts, Henry (1778–1869), Church of England bishop of Exeter.
  • Phipps, Constantine Henry (1797–1863), 1st Marquess of Normanby, politician and diplomatist.
  • Phipps, Maria (née Liddell, 1798–1882), Lady Normanby, wife of Constantine Henry Phipps, 1st Marquess of Normanby.
  • Pickering, Ellen (d. 1843), novelist.
  • Pindar (522–443 B.C.), ancient Greek lyric poet.
  • Piozzi, Hester Lynch (née Salusbury, formerly Thrale, 1741–1821), writer.
  • Piozzi, Hester Lynch, see Thrale, Hester Lynch.
  • Pius IX, (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, 1792–1878), (“Pio Nono”), assumed papacy June 1846.
  • Plato (ca. 428–347 B.C.), Greek philosopher and mathematician.
  • Plon-Plon,” see Bonaparte, Joseph Charles Paul.
  • Plutarch (45–120), Greek historian, biographer, and essayist.
  • Poe, Edgar Allan (1809–49), American author and poet.
  • Pollock, Sir William Frederick (1815–88), 2nd Baronet, jurist and author. In AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Pope, Alexander (1688–1744), poet.
  • Poquelin, Jean-Baptiste (1622–73), (pseud. “Molière”), French playwright and actor.
  • Porson, Richard (1759–1808), classical scholar.

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