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  • Trollope, Beatrice (“Bice”), (afterwards Stuart-Wortley,1853–81), dau. of T.A. Trollope. In AB–5, AB–6.
  • Trollope, Frances (née Milton, 1779–1863), travel writer and novelist.
  • Trollope, Theodosia (née Garrow, 1816–65), author.
  • Trollope, Thomas Adolphus (1810–92), historian and writer.
  • Trotman, Thomas Williams (1809–62), Barbados-born physician and accoucheur.
  • Tulk, Charles Augustus (1786–1849), Swedenborgian writer and politician.
  • Turner, Charles ( Tennyson, 1808–79), poet.
  • Turner, Joseph Mallord William (1775–1851), landscape and history painter.
  • Tweedy, Mary (née Temple, 1810–91), correspondent.
  • Twisleton, Edward Turner Boyd (1809–74), civil servant. In AB-3, AB-5.
  • Twisleton, Ellen (née Dwight, 1828–62), American-born wife of Edward Turner Boyd Twisleton. In AB-4.

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