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  • Williams-Wynn, see Wynn, Williams-.
  • Willis, Nathaniel Parker (1806–67), American author and journalist.
  • Willis, William Henry (1810–80), journalist and journal editor.
  • Wills, William Gorman (1828–91), playwright and portrait painter. In AB–6.
  • Wills-Sandford, see Sandford, Wills-.
  • Wilson, Effingham (1785–1868), radical publisher and bookseller.
  • Wilson, Elizabeth (afterwards Romagnoli, 1817–1902), EBB’s maid. In AB-3, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Wilson, Fleetwood Thomas Hugh (1817–62), retired army captain, residing in Florence. In AB-3, AB-4.
  • Wilson, Harriett Horatio (née Walker, 1826–1907), wife of Fleetwood Thomas Hugh Wilson.
  • Wilson, John (1785–1854), (pseud. “Christopher North”), author and journalist.
  • Wilson, William (1815–96), Scottish physician to the British Embassy, Florence.
  • Winter, Andrew (afterwards Wynter, 1819–76), author. In AB-2.
  • Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen (1802–65), cardinal and archbishop of Westminster.
  • Wiseman, Xaviera (née Strange, 1779–1851), correspondent and mother of Cardinal Wiseman.
  • Wolfe, Charles (1791–1823), poet.
  • Wolff, Henry Drummond Charles (1830–1908), diplomatist and politician. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5, AB-6.
  • Wollstonecraft, Mary (afterwards Godwin, 1759–97), author and advocate of women’s rights.
  • Wood, Marshall (1835–82), sculptor.
  • Wood, Shakspere (1827–86), sculptor.
  • Woodman, C. Bathurst (d. 1895), nonconformist preacher.
  • Woolner, Thomas (1825-92), sculptor. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.
  • Wordsworth, William (1770–1850), poet. See biographical sketch.
  • Wormeley, Mary Elizabeth (afterwards Latimer, 1822–1904), writer.
  • Wynn, Charlotte Williams- (1807–69), letter-writer and diarist. In AB-3, AB-4, AB-5.

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