913.  EBB to Hugh Stuart Boyd

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 5, 241–242.


Saturday. [26 February 1842] [1]

My dear friend,

I send you the Athenæum, [2] which they have been too long in bringing to me. How will you like it? That is a question I ask myself of you anxiously!– Tell me the exact truth of your impressions.

It wd have been a great security to my ‘remarks’ & the translations accompanying them, if you could have seen either previous to publication—but what with the obscurity of my handwriting & the briefness of the time, &, to do myself justice, the consideration I have for your ease, I cd not ask you to do such a thing. The third paper is almost going to Mr Dilke—& I believe now that nothing can save him from a fourth–

Arabel sends her love to you. Next thursday she is to take you a visitor,—and on monday she talks of being the visitor to you herself—provided there is fine weather & no obstacle.

Think of my walking to the sofa now! Is’nt that an improvement? God bless you dear Mr Boyd!

Ever your affectionate

& grateful EBB–

Remember! Gregory is in the second paper [3] —which, by the way, is longer than the first.

Address: H S Boyd Esqr / 21 Downshire Hill / Hampstead.

Publication: EBB-HSB, pp. 244–245.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. Dated by reference to The Athenæum.

2. The Athenæum of 26 February 1842 (no. 748, pp. 189–190) included the first part of EBB’s “Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets.”

3. This appeared in the issue of 5 March (no. 749, pp. 210–212).


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