1803.  RB to Thomas Powell

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 10, 3.


Wednesday Nt [1 January 1845][1]

My dear Powell,

I hoped to have been able to run over this evening, but am prevented .. nothing, I trust however, will prevent our enjoying your company & that of Mrs Powell on Friday: Sherman[2] promises to come,—and I have written to Mr Gurney[3] at a venture. Meantime, a happy new year to you and yours, quoth your faithful Bellman (& Pomegranateman)


Publication: None traced.

Manuscript: Armstrong Browning Library.

1. Dated by reference to the New Year and mourning stationery.

2. Presumably the William Sherman listed in RB’s address book at Leadenhall Street (see vol. 9, p. 393).

3. Archer Thompson Gurney (1820–87) was well known as a theologian and writer. In 1842 he published a translation of Goethe’s Faust, a copy of which he presented to RB (see Reconstruction, A1057; now at ABL). Mrs. Orr suggests that the friendship between Gurney and RB developed in the mid-1830’s (Orr, p. 78).


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