1987.  RB to EBB

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 11, 8.


Thursday. [Postmark: 31 July 1845]

In all I say to you, write to you, I know very well that I trust to your understanding me almost beyond the warrant of any human capacity—but as I began, so I shall end: [1] I shall believe you remembered what I am forced to remember—you who do me the superabundant justice on every possible occasion, .. you will never do me injustice when I sit by you and talk about Italy and the rest.

—Today I cannot write—tho’ I am very well otherwise—but I shall soon get into my old self-command and write with as much “ineffectual fire” [2] as before: but meantime, you will write to me, I hope—telling me how you are? I have but one greater delight in the world than in hearing from you.

God bless you, my best, dearest friend—think what I would speak–

Ever yours


Address: Miss Barrett, / 50 Wimpole St

Postmark: 8NT8 JY31 1845 B.

Docket, in EBB’s hand: 36.

Publication: RB-EBB, pp. 138–139.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. Cf. Julius Cæsar, V, 3, 24.

2. Cf. Hamlet, I, 5, 90.


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