2224.  RB to EBB

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 12, 100–101.


Tuesday. [Postmark: 24 February 1846]

Ah, sweetest, in spite of our agreement, here is the note that ought not to go, but must—because, if there is no speaking of Mrs Jamesons and such like without bringing in your dear name—(not dearest name, my Ba!)—what is the good of not writing it down, now, when I, tho’ possessed with the love of it no more than usual, yet may speak, and to a hearer? And I have to thank you with all my heart for the good news of the increasing strength and less need for the opium—how I do thank you, my dearest—and desire to thank God thro’ whose goodness it all is! This I could not but say now, tomorrow I will write at length,—having been working a little this morning, with whatever effect. So now I will go out and see your elm-trees and gate, and think the thoughts over again—and coming home I shall perhaps find a letter–

Dearest, dearest—my perfect blessing you are!

May God continue his care for us


Address: Miss Barrett, / 50. Wimpole St

Postmark: 8NT8 FE24 1846 A.

Docket, in EBB’s hand: 122 [altered from “121”].

Publication: RB-EBB, p. 491.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.


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