2596.  EBB to RB

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 13, 355–356.


Thursday. [10 September 1846][1]

Dearest I write one word, & have one will, which is yours. At the same time, do not be precipitate—we shall not be taken away on monday, no, nor for several days afterward. George has simply gone to look for houses—going to Reigate first.

Oh yes—come tomorrow. And then, you shall have the ring .. soon enough, & safer.

Not a word of how you are!—you so good as to write me that letter beyond compact, yet not good enough, to say how you are! Dear, dearest—take care, & keep yourself unhurt & calm. I shall not fail to you—I do not. I will not. I will act by your decision, & I wish you to decide. I was yours long ago, & though you give me back my promise at this eleventh hour, .. you generous, dear unkind! … you know very well that you can do as well without it– So take it again for my sake & not your own–

I cannot write, I am so tired, having been long out—. Will not this dream break on a sudden? Now is the moment for the breaking of it, surely.

But come tomorrow, come– Almost everybody is to be away at Richmond, at a pic nic,[2] & we shall be free on all sides–

Ever & ever your Ba–

Address: Robert Browning Esqre / New Cross / Hatcham / Surrey.

Postmark: 10FN10 SP11 1846 B.

Dockets, in RB’s hand: 274.; + Friday, Sepr 11. / 3–4½ p.m.=4¼–4.20m (90.) [sic, for 91]; +++ Saturday, Sepr 12, 1846. / ¼. 11–11¼.a.m. (91.[3]) [sic, for 92].

Publication: RB-EBB, p. 1061–62.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. Date provided by postmark.

2. As they had done the week before (see letter 2576).

3. RB has underscored the number of the last meeting with EBB three times. It was, of course, at St. Marylebone Church.


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