3112.  EBB to Anna Brownell Jameson

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 18, 217–218.

58 Welbeck street.

Wednesday morning [Postmark: 15 September 1852]

Unless it should rain on saturday, we hold to that day. Tell us the particulars about conveyances.

When I was going to bed last night, (just too late!) came a note from a friend of mine to beg me to intercede with you for a friend of hers, Miss Lane the artist,[1] in order to obtain information.[2] It appears .....

No– Robert suggests wisely, “Send the letter, and Mrs Jameson will understand the whole.” So I enclose Mrs Jago’s letter. Will you, out of charity, give me what you can in answer?– And thank you (I know I may thank you beforehand) for your “goodwill”, dearest Monna Nina!

How are you? I do hope, better. Remember, if the rain comes on saturday, not to expect us–

Your ever affectionate


Address: Mrs Jameson / Ealing.

Publication: None traced.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. Perhaps Clara Sophia Lane (1826–1912), eldest daughter of Richard James Lane (see letter 3069, note 3) and his wife Sophia (née Hodges). Miss Lane was an illustrator, like her father. She is associated with two works in the National Portrait Gallery.

2. Concerning Charles I; see letter 3113, note 2.


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