3444.  EBB to Charlotte Stisted

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 20, 256.

Florence– Casa Guidi

Saturday morning– [1 July 1854][1]

My dear Miss Stisted,

I begin by being ashamed, before I open my mouth– Will you be so kind as to bear with us & forgive us for the trouble we give you, & undo at once anything that may unhappily be done about the house– After a good deal of uneasiness about our decision yesterday it becomes clear to us that we ought[2] to wait longer for the letters from England, & that it would be perfectly wrong of us to go to Lucca till a decision which does not depend upon us, shall be made– I throw myself on your goodnature & tolerance, dear Miss Stisted, & hope you wont be more severe on us than the case absolutely demands. It is nearly certain! that sooner or later we shall go to you, but it is well to do so with an easy conscience & the sense of not having consulted our inclination too much in the matter–

With kindest regards to all of you I remain

affectionately & sincerely yours

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Publication: None traced.

Manuscript: Armstrong Browning Library.

1. Date provided by EBB’s withdrawal of the request she made in letter 3439.

2. Underscored three times.


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