429.  EBB to Hugh Stuart Boyd

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 2, 326–327.

[Hope End]

Wednesday. Sept. 6th [sic for 7th] [1831][1]

I am going to write one line, upon business. I quite forgot to give you on Monday, the direction of Mr Henry Bohn, 4 York St. Covent Garden, London, which you may perhaps like to have, & which, if you do not have it now, will be of the less use to you. He has advertised in the Times, a catalogue, just published, of very rare & valuable books, Aldine editions &c, & states in the advertisement that he will send it gratis to any gentleman who will give his name & pay the postage.[2] Now I meant on Monday to ask you whether I should write for you or not; & I wont mean to put off asking you, because this weather is so very rainy-looking, & may be very obstinate.

We had a satisfactory letter from our dear Papa yesterday. He has perfectly recovered from all the effects of his late attack, & writes in better spirits than usual,—& without making any direct reference to the business, or saying one word about his return. On the contrary, he speaks of intending to write to me. Therefore he cant be coming, & we cant be going, immediately! My aunt thinks decidedly that he is making some new exertion—but I will not trust myself with hoping for anything beyond a respite.

Tell Mrs Boyd with my love, that I had intended to send her some partridges today, & that on another day, I shall be more successful. You know your pheasants cannot have the honour of being shot at, until the first of October.

Ever yours affectionately

E B Barrett.

Address, on cover sheet: H S Boyd Esqr / Ruby Cottage / Malvern Wells.

Publication: Diary, pp. 285–286.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. Dated by Diary, p. 119, entry for 7 September.

2. Henry G. Bohn, a London bookseller, had advertised (in The Times, 2 September 1831 and other issues) a catalogue of “above 4,000 articles of the first quality, in every department of literature, … Among the black letter and Aldine editions are many that have never beford been heard of.”


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