587.  EBB to Hugh Stuart Boyd

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 3, 281.


Wednesday. [ca. September 1837][1]

My dear Mr Boyd,

I dont know what you will say when you hear what the enclosed is. I am ashamed of writing my confession. Miss Harding will divulge the fatal secret,—& I will only observe that Arabel has this instant found the fragment in question on a table, & that it must have taken advantage of my carelessness to escape from a certain book while I folded up a certain parcel. I would send it to Mr Lowry,[2] but I do not know his address. The cups & saucers, being found neither on the table nor under it, may possibly have reached him.

Your desire was conclusive. I sent mine. Are not my modesty & my exactitude fairly matched? I am going to see you very soon.

Your affectionate incorrigible friend

E B Barrett.

Address, on integral page: H S Boyd Esqr / 3. Circus Road / St John’s Wood.

Publication: EBB-HSB, p. 223.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. Although there is no watermark or specific reference to date this letter, its tone seems to place it in the same general period as the following letter.

2. Joseph Wilson Lowry (1803–79), Mrs. Boyd’s half-brother.


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