615.  EBB to Hugh Stuart Boyd

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 4, 13–14.


Monday morning. [Postmark: 26 February 1838]

My dear friend,

I saw the following advertisement in the Athenæum of Saturday, & believing that it may interest you, do not delay to send it.


To clergymen &c–

To be sold by order of the proprietor, a copy of Archbishop Cranmer’s Bible, the very rare edition of 1539, folio, black letter, in very fine condition, wanting only the first title, which has been replaced by a facsimile from Lewis’s Translation.

Apply to Smallfield & Son. 69 Newgate St.[1]


You may have perhaps heard that we have lost a beloved relation, poor Papa’s only brother, & one who was once more than uncle to me.[2] But we have the only comfort for his absence from us, in the perfect security of his presence with our Lord. May God so comfort us all, in all our griefs–

My cough is quieter since the frost went away,—but I am very weak & far from being well.

Mr Curzon has been in London for a few days,—or rather at Fulham. But in spite of the distance he was so kind as to make his way to see us—& I had great pleasure in seeing him once more, & so little altered that these five long years seem to have passed for nothing with him. He left Mrs Curzon & his boy at Plymouth,[3] to which place he returns—but with no intention of joining the church there—rather of returning to London,—and even this plan appears to be at present a mere uncertainty. He enquired with great appearance of interest after you, & desired me to give you his very kind remembrances.

I never hear anything of you dear Mr Boyd! May you be quite well & happy.

Your affectionate friend

E B Barrett.

Do you know that Mr Valpy is giving up business?

Remember me—do—to Miss Holliday.

Daisy is quite well again, thank God.

Address, on integral page: H S Boyd Esqr / 4 Circus Road / St. John’s Wood.

Publication: EBB-HSB, pp. 225–226.

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. The Athenæum, 24 February 1838 (no. 539, p. 155).

2. Samuel Moulton-Barrett had died in Jamaica on 23 December, but the news only reached England in the middle of February.

3. Curzon had married Eliza Joynes in 1822. Their son, Henry George Roper-Curzon (1822–92), later became 17th Baron Teynham.


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