618.  EBB to Hugh Stuart Boyd

As published in The Brownings’ Correspondence, 4, 19.

74 Gloucester Place

Friday– [9 March 1838][1]

I heard last night my dear friend of the grief sent to you by God.[2] I am sure that you will remember its being sent by Him, & receive it resignedly & calmly, &, read upon it the mark of His love—and yet I am so sure besides of the painfulness of that grief, that I must tell you how much & truly I feel with you & for you. Do my dear friend, accept this expression of sympathy from me. Such sympathy always goes to you from me,—& is the deeper in proportion to the depth of your gladness or your sorrow.

If there is anything which you wish to be done for you, Arabel will certainly be glad to do it. Would that there were anything for me to do! I am a helpless useless being just now—but your kindness will care to know that I feel better today than I was yesterday.

May God bless you—and then there will be no more need of human actions––or words.

Your affectionate friend

E B Barrett.

Address: H S Boyd Esqr / 3. Circus Road / St. John’s Wood.

Publication: EBB-HSB, pp. 226–227 (as [10 March 1838]).

Manuscript: Wellesley College.

1. Letter is postmarked 10 March 1838, which fell on a Saturday.

2. The death of his only sister.


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