[Venice—Saturday, 21 November 1885]

Mr & Miss Browning’s last visit, as they leave Venice for London tomorrow. A rainy misty night & at 9 o’clock the wood-fires burned bright & the chandeliers lighted, we hardly expected that any friends wd venture forth. But Mr Browning never fails of a Saty eveg Avignone (aide to Admiral in Command of the Arsenale) came followed by the old Countess Thun & with her Baronesse Paphius (Polonaise)[, ] Horatio Brown, Mr[,] Mrs & Miss Ruxton[,] who are in P. Gritti for the winter, Count Vay, Hungarian, Miss Ker, Barrett Browning, Count Jenison-Walworth, Mme de Pilat (wife of Austr. Consul) & Princesse Iturbide—made the party. Brownings full of their purchase of Palo Montecuculi. He says he should spend as much in restoration as the cost (₤ Ital. 74000) & regards it as a good investment for his son. Some think this dubious, & the palace too large too old, & too cold, & on wrong side of Gd Canal.

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