[Venice—Sunday, 25 November 1888]

Lido with Mr Browning. Sd much of Dickens—liked Copperfield. Of his wife’s jealousy & divorce. A lost necklace he gave an actress returned to D. at dinner. Once dining at Pollocks, near by, when he came out thought he was followed, & finally collared the man his own servant, ordered by his wife to see where he went. He walked all night to Rochester– Met police & asked to say ‘the job not to come off tonight.’

Of Engh manners—shyness– At a dinner most people wd not speak to to lady next them unless introduced. He always did.

More of accents: ‘Obdūrate’—(in Sordello) contemplate—demonstrate &c accented in either way. Read absurd letter to P.M. Gazette from Poet Doveton.

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