[Venice—Wednesday, 28 November 1888]

Lido with R.B. who Read aloud last eveg 1200 lines from Ring & Book (all composed in Engd) the Priest—(VI book) Of this Poem he said, “it is written largely—like painting in fresco—not in little squares.” Talked of men’s dress & of their wearg jewels, of wh. he does not approve. Sd he had affection for Gladstone—but now avoids him. When asked to meet him, declines. Sometimes meet—last at Murray’s– Asked M. to sit between them after dessert.— Music, now, must be good & amateurs disappear. “One eveg ladies played quite fairly well & My viperine friend Mrs Proctor, talked loud– Hostess sd ‘you dont care for music?’ I like expensive music, my dear. Very expensive music.

P.M. Mr & Miss Browning came to tea. He pleased to see the ancient library of the Barbaros—in status quo, san the books[.]

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