[Venice—Monday, 3 December 1888]

Perhaps the finest day yet at Lido, and the whole range of Friuli visible, covd with shining snow. Browning & we landed at Quattro Fontane & walkd towd Malamocco. He talked chiefly about John Foster, who first noticed him by review of Paracelsus ‘and got the publishers to print my books when no one would.’ But his disposition so violent & rude to friends, servants, wife—that ‘I have seen terrible scenes’—one (espy) at a dinner—when F. was made to leave the house– Next day apologies—but R.B. declined further intercourse & wrote later that he regarded him as a book remembered with pleasure but no more taken from its shelf. F’s father was a butcher—wh. being known, annoyed him– He & Dickens often quarreled & mended it– P.M. went over Rezzonico Palace with R. B. Browning—a stupendous task of restoration! Eveg party at Sir H. A. Layard’s, Palo Capello—where Browning & daughter of Meyerbeer &c.

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