[Venice—Tuesday, 12 November 1889]

From Casa Vendramin, Giudecca, saw with spy-glass the German fleet arrive at Malamocco firing salutes, after wh. the Yacht Hohenzollern, with Emperor & Empress & Suite, sailed for Venice escorted by 8 vaporetti. Came noon and with Mrs. Curtis & R.B. reached the Bacino just as the masts and standards of the Hohenzollern appeared, and she anchored off the Ducal Palace. The imperial party were in full view on the upper deck—the E. in pitch [illegible word] & cloak, she in gray with large black hat & plumes, & muff, wh. waving in answer to applause. She is tall, with broad good natured features. Various Magnates [illegible words]. After long time, the Royal Barge & the Bissone came out from the Arsenale, and took the Empr to the railway. She stayg two days. All Venice out, banners &c.

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