[Venice—Tuesday, 31 December 1889]

Today Mr Browning’s remains are to be interred at Westminster Abbey.

Mr. Browning was greatly occupied and interested this year when he came to Venice about a project he had entered upon—which he told us as a great secret, and wh. tho’ he daily talked much of it. I made no reference to in my notes. This was the purchase of a piece of ground with a modern building at Asolo. He was in treaty with the town, who owned it, and who were very cautious and dilatory, while Mr B. was, as ever, very enthusiastic and impatient. They kept him in suspense, on one pretence & another, and only during his last illness, decided to sell it to whomever wd give the most for it—&c. Messrs Naya wanted it for an hotel. R.B. never knew of this—or wd have been greatly vexed, as they pretended all sorts of consideration and respect for him.

Copy of notes of things R. Browning talked of in a morng at Lido.



Translations, Jowett & Plato



Judgt of character

Westbury shot keeper

Ld Houghton

“sipped, quaffed, bathed!”

“in Hippocrene!”

Dinner to Jowett–

London Houses–

C. Flower’s

D. of Norfolk–

Hillingdon’s palatial

Duel—died of ridicule–

Wellington & Winchelsea

Cath. Emancipation

“Both of ’em, d__n ’em!”

Spies, V. Hugo wrong in saving him.


Another morning. Proofs, & the P.O. Legends. Every house in Venice has one. Country houses. Style of biog.– Recd Royalty– Benzons– Dinner on comg of age. Sold house & books—fine collecton of rarities.

Compared Benzon with Wordsworth gathering nuts to eat in a bag, and visits for beer.


Fritche’s [sic, for Frizzi’s] Histy of Ferrara–

Hobhouse’s card in Vol. at Musem Liby–

Labour of people over Sordello & others of my poems—is pathetic—to me!–

Irish debt Day o’ Judgment–

Mss. to Balliol.

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