[Venice—Monday, 30 September 1889]

At dinner at R B Brownings, Palazzo Rezzonico. William Story and Mr Cartwright had much talk of W. S. Landor at Sienna, when his wife turned him out on the high-road at noon of a hot summer day.* Browning protected him and Story sheltered him for six weeks. He was 80 years old, & S. said the embodiment in looks & character of Lear–

Of Lady___ sendg him poem by Lord Lytton—wh. he returned & angrily sd who cd read a poem wh. begins with ‘but’–

Old Lytton said of Swinburne, ‘I don’t like a poet with a vocabulary’ (to Story).




Forth from his Paradise an Angel banished Adam–

From mine a Devil drove me. Thank you, Madam–

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