[Venice—Wednesday, 10 June 1891]

R B Browning sent copy of Mrs. Orr’s Life of his father, ‘to Mr & Mrs C. from theirs affecy’– June 14. Mrs C. talked with Miss Browning about the book, & as Miss B is to be now quite alone in Pal. Rezzo (as Mrs R B at Marienbad & Mr. B at Royat,) we shall have occasion to hear Miss B’s opinion. She dissents from the ideas of Mrs. Orr as to Mr. B’s constitution & latter health—or failure of faculties, wh. Miss B. thinks virtually unimpaired to near the very last. We saw little change—unless a new habit of dropping asleep in gondola—wh. we ascribed to early rising & long walks—and the “72 stairs” he went up to his room.

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