[Thursday, 19 January.]

<…> see my mouth—(Quœre were there gass lights round my mouth?—) & she told Mr. Boyd, it was painful to look at it. It indicated intense feeling, & deep suffering!— A great deal of feeling is expressed also in Arabel’s countenance. Mr. Boyd’s head is “very intellectual”.[1]

He asked me to “come again soon.” So I will, if I can!— Got home before five. Bro at the Onslows,[2] Arabel & Sam at the Peytons,—B H & I at dinner at Hope End. B thought me quite mad for going this morning.

No letter from London.

Read some of the Eumenides, but cd. not finish it. That enchanting little beast Occyta wd. not let me go up stairs in time.

1. “She” is Miss Henrietta Mushet. One of her interests was phrenology, and it seems probable that she had been persuaded to give a “reading.”

2. The Ven. Richard Francis Onslow (1776–1849), Archdeacon of Worcester, lived at Court House, Newent. He had three sons and four daughters.

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