Monday Jany. 2.

Bummy has proposed calling at the Bartons, & going early that we may be able to drive somewhere else afterwards. Where will the somewhere else be? I would like to go to the Wyche,—& not for the sake of the Wyche.

Packed up Mr. Boyd’s Gregory (Gregory’s poems) & Mess[rs]. Pilkington & Beverley on the unknown tongues,[1] which I put within Mr. Boyd’s parcel, for Miss H M. I hope she (yet not exactly she) may think me attentive in doing so. I cant bear anyone to think me .. what I am!— Last night I read some of my diary to Arabel in bed! My diary is not meant to be read by any person except myself: but she deserves to be let behind the scenes. Mine are very ill painted.


1. George Pilkington, The Unknown Tongues Discovered to be English, Spanish, and Latin; and the Rev. Edw. Irving Proved to be Erroneous in Attributing their Utterance to the Influence of the Holy Spirit (London, 1831); Robert Mackenzie Beverley, A Sermon Preached at Hull, on the XIII. of November, MDCCCXXXI, on the Unknown Tongues (London, 1831).

2. Two leaves, i.e., 4 pages, excised.

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