Tuesday. Jany 24th.

In Mr. Boyd’s room before breakfast, & reading. Read until twelve; & then he proposed walking out. It was a surprise to me when he asked me to walk with him,—and a pleasure! Up & down the garden for half an hour!—

He speaks of her, not in a very cordial manner.[1] He speaks of her being uncandid in argument: and “she wd. rather never see a book again than never see a dog. There’s mind for you!—” and she irritated him & made his head heavy on Sunday evening!— Perhaps he spoke as he did, only because he was temporarily irritated: &

She has a sensible unaffected manner as I said before, & she appears to be particularly goodnatured & obliging; but she is not an interesting person to me.

1. Miss Henrietta Mushet was the subject of their conversation.

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