Monday Feb 19th. [sic, for 20 February.]

A letter from Mr. Boyd! How it surprised me. He does not like the Valpy plan.[1]If the translation is good enough to be creditable to me, it shd. be published separately; besides he has made a confusion between the Family & Classical library!— His letter is cool enough. I answered it by a note of explanation on Valpy’s work; by rating very humbly my translation—& by telling him how little inclined I feel to publishing, & how I have wished that I had never done so. The real truth!— If I never had, I never shd. have been exposed to the pain which has been & is oppressing me.

1. Despite this, the translation was published by Valpy (Prometheus Bound. Translated from the Greek of Æschylus. And Miscellaneous Poems, London, 1833.)

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