Tuesday: March 13th.

Not daring to say a word about going to Malvern, & yet wishing to go. At last I sent Henry down to Papa at eleven, to ask if Papa had any objection to my going. None!! A went with me. Arrived there at half past one, & met Annie at the door. Into the drawing room,—& after a proper pause, into Mr. Boyd’s room. He had written to me!—and my last letters to him were lying on the table. So was the commencement of his essay on the digamma, which Miss H M, whose eyes were convalescent, had been writing for him that day. Miss Hurd was to be sent for the next day, to proceed. I read the essay—so far,—and liked it very much. He asked me why I had not sent my extracts from Prometheus, to him? I told him that I wd. really prefer his giving an undivided attention to his own work. He told me that in fact he thought it better for me not to send them for a few days: until he had finished his essay. Ainsi soit il—. Not a word was said about my observation in my yesterday’s letter: therefore it was certainly an accurate one. And yet Mr. Boyd’s manner to me, was kind today: like his own old manner. He gave me a lecture about the poney being thin. I will take care that it shall have more corn.

Before I went away, I asked him, if anything was settled about their going. Nothing about the place. He told me that he thought they wd. go.

Went home,. Miss H M


1. Excision of one and a third pages.

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