[Thursday 29 March.]

<…> in her power, tho’ in vain, to induce them to go to Clifton!!! My presentiments were prophecies. Henrietta says that she [Miss H. Mushet] evidently does not like Mr. Boyd very much!!! She told Henrietta how very extraordinary he is,—& how nervous—& how he encourages his nervousness by giving up to it!!— She spoke highly of Mrs. Boyd for whom she professed to entertain the “greatest regard:” tho’ she blamed her for being too SUBMISSIVE to Mr. Boyd!!!!!! It is settled now. I do not like Miss H Mushet. Before I knew all this, she asked me to show her my room,—& I showed it. Here she told me that Mr. Boyd rejected all associations, & considered everything abstractedly. Not true.

Mrs. B brought a note for me from Mr. Boyd. Cool enough—but he wishes me to write my name in Scholefield,—& to send him some more extracts from my translation. He likes the last better. Prometheus’s speech is reported, “extremely good.” This morning, I wrote two or three lines, about hiatuses,—& sent them to him by Mrs. Boyd.[1] After they were gone, I walked out with Bummy. Felt tired,—& was very unwell afterwards. How weak & thin I am growing.

1. For her letter, see BC, 3, 10.

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