Saturday. March 31st.[1]

Dearest Sam’s birthday.[2] God bless him!— Henrietta & Arabel went out to ride with Eliza Cliffe, thro’ Cradley woods,[3] & I dont know where. H has made an engagement with E to ride there again on the 28th of next July. Will that engagement be kept?— Sent to Mr. Deane’s for any edition of Æschylus, which is not Blomfield’s Scholefield’s or Bothe’s. He has sent me Schutz’s—but without notes which are the most valuable part of Schutz.[4] While H & A were away, I was very very unwell. Fainting & hysterics—but they went off at last. Maddox came.

1. See BC, 3, 10–11, for letter conjecturally dated this day.

2. Her uncle’s 45th.

3. About 4 miles N.E. of Hope End.

4. This edition would have been Aeschyli Tragoediae Septem, ed. Christian Godofr. Schütz, 2 vols. (Halle, 1800).

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