Thursday March 8

Answers went to the post.

I forgot to say yesterday that I finished early in the morning, conferring Bothe[1] & Blomfield. I do wish I had translated from Blomfield.[2]

Getting on with my notes—for the sake of killing time & some thoughts I believe. And yet, I “give myself unto prayer”,[3]—& why should I fear?—

1. Friedrich Heinrich Bothe, ed. Aeschyli Dramata quae Supersunt (Leipzig, 1805).

2. That she used Bothe’s edition is surprising, because H.S.B. apparently did not esteem him, and as far back as 3 March 1828 E.B.B. had promised to settle him “in the dustiest corner of my bookcase” at the earliest opportunity (BC, 2, 106–110). Her copy of the 1805 edition formed Lot 309 of Browning Collections.

3. Psalms cix.4: “For my love they are my adversaries: But I give myself unto prayer.”

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