Tuesday. April 10.

How the days are wearing away. I translated some passages from Synesius,[1] which Mr. Boyd had translated before me—pour m’amuser—& try a variety of versification. I was in the midst of the


Daisy. Hood[3] is very clever.

1. Her translation of the 9th Hymn appeared in the third part of “Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets,” in The Athenæum, 12 March 1842, pp. 229–231. H.S.B.’s translation of the same Hymn appeared in his Select Poems of Synesius and Gregory Nazianzen (London, 1814), which also contained portions of the first three Hymns.

2. Excision of seven-eighths of a page.

3. Thomas Hood (1799–1845), poet and humorist.

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