[Paris—Saturday, 15 October 1859]

Saturday 15th Saw the Luxembourg and all the lovely rooms it contains. The pictures are its chiefest treasures. Here is Delacroix’s impressive vision of Dante and Virgil crossing the dark river. A brother-poet, he illuminates the words of one who went before that the world and all posterity may understand. We were made happy by seeing Horace Vernet’s picture of Raphael in the market-place of which we own an engraving and two glorious pictures of Rosa Bonheur. Besides these there were only about 1 half dozen very great pictures. Went over the Hotel Cluny. What a relic of glories that were, and how the moth and rust have corrupted hereabouts in despite of the great care bestowed!! The day was calm and sunny and everything was picturesquely beautiful about the place. Went to the Pantheon and enjoyed it to the full.

At night made a little visit to Madame Busque. She talked to us very much of poor Fairbanks’ last illness and said how devoted his friends were to him. That Mr Huntington arranged all matters of business for him, provided a nurse, looked after his room and his food &c—and Mr Lee was to him, a mother, a sister & brother.

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