[Paris—Sunday, 9 October 1859]

Sunday 9th Went to St. Roch to hear the music. Met Mr Hillard and Mr Clarke. Glorious music it was indeed. We were a little early when we first entered the church and turned about for a walk. Entering the beautiful garden of the Tuileries we found the flowers and grass looking as if May had just opened although the October winds were already blowing the brown leaves off the chestnut trees in the grove beyond. As we walked towards the Place de la Concorde we saw a lovely lady graceful and grave swinging a jump rope that her merry Sunday school scholars might dance. T’was the pleasantest thing we had seen in Paris. Returned to the church and listened to the music. It was very fine certainly. Afterward took a long walk to St. Eustace then through the market &c. with Mr Hillard.

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