[Liverpool—Monday, 13 June 1859]

Monday. Arose in time to have an hour before good Mrs Blodget’s breakfast at ½ past eight. Jamie employed the time in walking to Dr Raffles about 3 miles where he left a package of autographs he had expressed a wish to possess. J. went after breakfast down town with Mr Thayer while I occupied myself in my room until ½ past ten when the dear boy came to invite me to walk. We strolled down Bold St. bought some usefuls, and then went to Elkinton’s. Here Electroplating was discovered and here is one of the finest stores in the world. Exquisite floors and ceilings, bronzes, and carved cases in which their wares are contained and flunkeys in livery to open the doors; all as beautiful as can be conceived. After lunch, we drove to Childwall Abbey and church. It was too lovely to describe. Indeed I should think it a dream were it not for the drooping roses on the mantle which the young girl at the Abbey-door pressed into my hand in leaving. We drove easily down in a Hansom Cab and gave ourselves up to a luxury of beauty almost impossible to believe. Ivy, ivy everywhere and rare old English homes everywhere until the world seemed changed as by the rubbing of Aladdin’s lamp.

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