[London—Tuesday, 21 June 1859]

Tuesday June 21th Mr Bennett came in to breakfast with his hands full. He brought us Allingham, Leigh Hunt’s early books, Mozart’s photograph until we laughed at the quantity of things which were secreted about his person. Put our things in order in our pretty lodging rooms—was interrupted by Mr Parker who made a pleasant visit but went on with Jamie, then came Fairbanks to pass an hour; afterward dressed to lunch with Dr Mackay in Lincoln’s Inn. Charming old rooms. Had a nice look over his autographs. Gave us an early letter of Dickens &c. walked about London. Saw Cardinal Wolsey’s Palace part of the interior still stands just as formerly. Went to the old Temple Church. The poor Dr is sad; his only daughter is dead and the light of his life seems buried in her tomb.

Mr Morgan and Mr Russell called. Found an invitation from Thackeray written in such tiny letters we could hardly see them. Hawthorne comes on Thursday so Jamie goes lodging hunting. Go to a large party at Mrs S. C. Hall tonight.

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