[London—Sunday, 26 June 1859]

Sunday morning. Went to hear Spurgeon and came away surprised and delighted. The man is so young and so true with powers to fulfil in a small degree at least what his heart dictates. He is said to be only 22 years of age & does not look one moment older. The audience was immense, Surrey Gardens Hall being entirely filled to its utmost capacity. The whole service was truly devotional and wholly addressed to the people indeed more American than any thing I have heard since we left. It is indeed a kind Providence which has sent such a man to make the suffering poor of London wiser and happier. He spoke nobly of Washington and told a most pathetic incident in Whitfield’s life, but the wonder of the whole was the fluency and aptness of the expression speaking without notes yet never dropping one word. There must have been an immense collection taken-up because everybody seemed to give as much as they were able. It was for the City Missionary.

Mr Mc’Clure came in after church. Mr and Mrs Dennett called in the afternoon. Jamie went up to see Barry Cornwall. He returned quite late after a charming visit. He found the old man so happy for his daughter’s success. Unfortunately he is suffering very much from illness which takes away from the calm enjoyment of his declining years.

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