[Bonchurch—Thursday, 21 July 1859]

Thursday 21st Called upon good Mr Peel. Such a tasteful house! And such a garden! We had a nice chat about the plants, English life &c. Reaching home for an early dinner we started for Blackgang Chine at 3 P.M. It is quite impossible to describe the loveliness we saw. A showery sky only made the effects finer which are everywhere—so glorious in our unaccustomed eyes. The ships like shadowy silver phantoms seemed lifted on the leaden sky. We were beguiled into staying at the Chine and the rain overtook us. It poured, but our constant friend the umbrella proved constant and we arrived home without discomfort in time to see Slade, that queerest of all queer waiters, gazing out of our parlor window that he might have the first glint at this practical joke. His face was all a-flame with laughter as we drove up.

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