[Salisbury—Monday, 25 July 1859]

Monday. 25th Saw the Cathedral again. They are restoring the Chapter House but it is almost more lovely in its decay could it be preserved. We are never tired of the sight and the wondrous suggestiveness of the whole, nor its peaceful beauty but the hour sounds,—it is almost a knell when we are torn from what we love,—and a few hours brings us to Bristol where we dine and take the afternoon boat for Chepstow. For some reason, an immense period always seems to be placed by the railroad passage from one beautiful thing to another—it is like the bad music between the lovely views of a panorama. So it was all this same night we saw Chepstow Castle and sat under the fine great tree in the Courtyard looking at the sunset from the carven windows draped and softened by the ivy.

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